Assistance with overseas Sales and Marketing

We can offer assistance to Irish and European Firm's wishing to promote their Businesses and target developing Markets, the obvious one being China. In the coming years China is set to overtake the US and become the World's largest Economy. With a population of approximately 1 and a half Billion people many of whom have more disposable income than ever before, it's obvious why Business's are interested in a slice of this Market.

We have recently been working with some Irish Companies to help them sell their products in China. Current Marketing projects include luxury products, high end furniture, Green Technology and Consumer Electronics.

We can assist with provision of local Marketing personnel, assist with staffing, sales documentation translation to the local language, provide insight into registration, opening an office and generating resources and help out with training. No matter how big or small your plans and budget are, we are happy to learn about it and we'll let you know how we can add value to this process by using local expertise and know how to promote your success.

Let us know your needs and we'll advise what we can do to help, kindly provide all relevant details regarding your project to or alternatively submit a quotation for via Contact Us

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